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Let's Dance SA Open Dance Socials

We have heard of or even know people who worry about being at an event when there are some really good dancers in the crowd or on the dance floor. They get intimidated, and hang back and are embarrassed to get out and dance. Some of them just stand around and watch while deeply desiring and wishing that they could do the same.

Let's Dance SA is a community project and sponsored by the San Antonio School of the Performing Arts and Elyon Media. The goal of our Open Dance Socials is to provide that "evening out" but without the negative things that sometimes accompany the night club experience. Our desire is provide couples, church groups, general public and youth an opportunity to get dressed up and have that night out in a non-threatening, non alcoholic environment with great people and friendly fellowship around the dance. 

CALL TO RSVP : 210-787-9889

Admission $10
Our Dance Socials include:
CDs of instrumental music to practice to
FREE SALSA and Social Dance Classes
Lots of fabulous social dances to dance to
Snacks and non alcoholic drinks
Music provided by DJ and live sound

Here is the best part!!! Students get in 50% off! Only $5 Admission.

Here is another awesome part!!! When you, a student of our private classes, invite a friend(s) and they register for classes they get %50 as well. 

But if the friend becomes a student that night they get in FREE too!

The experience we hope to provide is a great evening out with friends, family, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend and an opportunity to meet new people who love to dance and share that fun experience with one another in a non-intimidating environment. 

CALL TO RSVP : 210-787-9889​

Regardless of your age or dance experience, this will be an excellent opportunity to learn new dance moves, achieve goals and grow in confidence on the dance floor. You will also profit from the physical, mental, and social benefits, as well as the joys of making new friends and participating in a regular program of social dancing.

If you have not done so already, please review our Home page.  It provides the details for the classes and the opportunity to register.

CALL TO RSVP : 210-787-9889

Dance Socials
Dance Classes San Antonio